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The Best Print Solutions for Small Businesses

In a world where more than 4 billion people use the Internet, it’s understandable to hear remarks about print being dead.

But this isn’t the case. Not even in North America.

Indeed, some 345.66 million people consumers in this part of the world are Internet users. Despite this, print advertisement still plays a huge role in the marketing industry.

It’s thinking otherwise that can get your business into trouble.

The best print solutions, both in their traditional and more conventional form, are effective when it comes to marketing. After all, these print ads are tangible, credible, and can make all the difference in first impressions.

The point is, print is as crucial a marketing device to your business as their digital counterparts.

So, to help you make the right choice, we present this list of the best print branding tools you should invest in.

1. Business Cards That Go Beyond

Imagine this. What would you feel if someone gives you an ultra-thick suede business card?

Not just any other card with a picture, name, and contact details. A card that has weight, literally and figuratively. A card that looks and feels like the creators spent considerable time and resources on it.

It’ll most likely elicit a “wow” from you and leave you impressed.

Chances are, you’ll find the person behind the card interesting that you’d want to know more about him/her. And who they represent.

That’s effective branding right there. The card may be small in size, but it no doubt packs a punch. It’s actually the size that makes it even more impressive.

For something so small to leave such an impression. That’s what well-designed, solidly-built business cards are all about. And that’s just one example of what the best print solutions can do for your brand.

2. Brochures that Boast

Have you ever noticed how window product displays in shops seem to call out to you?

How those few select items showcased make you want to enter the premises and spend time there. And most likely end up spending money too?

Science has a lot to do with this. Shops factor in their target market and the things that make them tick. Like what’s trending and the colors that engage the most.

Even the arrangement of the products on the shelves!

The same thing applies to print brochures. These are some of the best print solutions available on the market today, and they serve functions much like window displays.

With these print ads, you can put focus on one of your best-selling products and/or services. Using high-resolution images placed strategically throughout the brochure’s folds, combined with well-structured content, can engage your target market right away.

And because brochures already provide an extensive overview of the featured product, you’re basically giving your customers a closer look into your business. They’ll think that all the other offers you have are just as impressive and outstanding as the one they’ve read about.

This then creates more opportunities for you to generate leads. And from there, convert them into actual paying customers.

Just check out the print solutions offered by this company – those are the kind of print ads and branding your own business needs.

3. Banners and Posters that Build Interest Right Away

Banners and posters are some of your best print solutions for the simple reason that they’re highly visible.

Visuals are as crucial to your offline marketing as they are for your other marketing campaigns, say, for instance, social media.

This stems from the fact that people are visual beings. They crave images and graphics even more so than written content. That’s because text combined with images allow for better information retention.

When you include stunning imagery and well-crafted text in your banners and posters, you can capture attention right away and build interest right there and then.

And the best thing about these print ads is that their considerable size allows for bigger text and image size. The bigger these are, the more visible the entire advertisement is.

And you know that marketing is all about visibility, right? This then makes banners and posters crucial to your overall marketing campaign.

4. Fetch with Flyers

If you think about how flyers can make news spread like wildfire, you’ll come to understand why they’re called that.

You hand them over to people passing by, and they can end up going anywhere and reaching more people than you can imagine. It’s like they have wings (hence, the term), and it’s wise to take advantage of their flexibility and affordability for spreading the news about your own products and/or services.

Much like how banners and posters engage through visuals, the same goes true for flyers. Putting the right images in and crafting a short but concise message can already say a lot about what your brand has to offer.

5. Branded Promotional Merchandise

When it comes to getting attention, nothing can compare to giving away freebies.

After all, everyone loves free items. Almost no one would want to pass up something free, especially if it’s something they can have a use for.

This is where branded promotional items can serve as effective print solutions for your business.

With these products, you have your brand name or logo printed on items that consumers can use. Think notepads and other forms of stationery. They’re free and they’re useful to consumers, and they give you a way to let people know that your business exists.

And most importantly, that your business has something they need or want, which they may not get from your competitors.

Build Better Brand Awareness Now with Quality Print Solutions

There are many other forms of print solutions that can prove effective for your branding needs. But those listed above are a great place for you to start.

Ultimately, the right choice in these print products can help you boost your branding efforts that can then lead to conversions.

Ready for more business must-knows? Check out our business blog. You’ll find more useful tips and guides there on how to make your business generate greater revenues.

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