Understanding your SME Energy: The Electricity Switching Process

As a business owner, it’s your prerogative to be in charge of the expenses and in doing so, you have the opportunity to save a fortune by taking into consideration several things. Ask yourself some questions; are you doing all you can to save on your energy consumption, or do you think you could do more? Do you think you’re paying too much for your gas and electricity? Is there anything you can do to reduce the bills? While changing the way in which you operate your business, such as using energy saving light bulbs, or putting your electrical equipment into standby mode during office hours, one way in which you could save a great deal is by switching your provider to the British Gas business electricity supplier. They provide competitive rates and combined with a little brainstorming, can ensure your SME is both energy efficient and budget friendly.

How do you switch? The process isn’t very complicated and certainly doesn’t take long to do. If you’ve applied for a British Gas business electricity package online, you will receive email confirmation and a courtesy call from an advisor within 2 days. You will also receive your new contract through the post and the switchover will begin as soon as possible.

British Gas then contacts the SMRS to let them know that they will be your new supplier. They will also take meter readings prior to switchover so that they can provide accurate billing. The SMRS will then contact your existing supplier so that they know you’re switching.

On the agreed date, your electricity will be switched to the new supplier so that you won’t suffer any downtime. You will be able to benefit from the new price plan straight away and before long, you will see a positive difference in your monthly bills.

Switching suppliers can be one of the simplest ways of saving money on your SME energy bills. Compare the options, today.

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