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What is the Ideal Office Temperature For Maximum Productivity?

It’s an undeniable truth that people do their best work when they’re comfortable and focused. In today’s fast-paced environment, smart businesses need to be focused on saving time and promoting productivity. Creating the right working atmosphere in your office, then, can be extremely important.

Workers may have different preferences on the ideal working temperature– and disagreements can often ring out loud and clear in working environments. This is a debate that has raged long and hard, and we’re here to put an end to it.

Read on to find out once and for all what definitively is the ideal office temperature for a productive workplace.

Does Temperature Affect Work Ethic?

The first thing to confirm when talking about this subject is the relationship between temperature and productivity in the workplace. Does one definitely exist?

It does! It’s been scientifically proven that indoor temperatures can affect the way we approach tasks. Improper temperatures, whether too warm or too cold, can drastically hinder productivity. Employees are forced to stop working to find ways to better regulate their body temperature in these settings.

While different individuals are affected by temperature in unique ways, an overall study has shown that most people are unable to work in temperatures above 90 and below 60 degrees Fahrenheit. The closer the office temperature gets to these numbers, the more productivity is likely to decrease.

What Is The Ideal Office Temperature, Then?

Cornell University closely observed office productivity as it related to indoor temperatures over a month-long study back in 2004. Through the study, the University came to the conclusion that productivity was at its highest, and errors at their lowest when office temperature hovered around 77 degrees Fahrenheit.

At this temperature, workers were seen keyboarding 100 percent of the time, with a very low error ratio of only ten percent. This compared to a much paltrier sum at 68 degrees, where workers were at their keyboard only 54% of the time. They also had a higher rate of error at the cooler temperature, a staggering 25%.

Other university studies from around the country have backed up these findings.

Why Is Warmer Better?

Many workers are surprised to learn that 77 degrees is the ideal temperature for productivity. Why is warmer better?

The answer is simple. When our body temperature drops, we are forced to expend more energy keeping ourselves warm and less energy focusing on our work.

A warmer environment (but not too warm!) is the best to keep workers happy and focused. You should ensure your office has proper heating and AC so that you can consistently create a proper working environment. Utilizing a well-respected service is highly recommended.

The benefits of a warm office can stretch even beyond the realm of productivity– it has also been shown to foster better interpersonal connections between workers. If you’re looking to improve the quality of your office, the answer seems obvious. You should aim for that ideal indoor temperature of 77 degrees.

The Case Is Finally Closed

Though personal preference may still vary and be taken into account in your office, the official word is now set in stone. Science has proven that a warmer work environment is better for office productivity, and 77 degrees is the ideal office temperature.

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