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6 Reasons You Should Pursue a Career as a Flight Instructor

Many people who pursue careers as pilots do so because they believe it will be an exciting career. This sentiment is backed up by evidence, considering that more than half of pilots report they find their jobs engaging and challenging.

But, in some cases, folks don’t realize that working for an airline is not the only career opportunity for aspiring pilots. Becoming a flight instructor can be a great option for pilots in retirement, or as a lifelong career.

1. Jumpstart Your Career as a Pilot

While many folks may consider being a flight instructor as a steadier job option for retirement, it can also be a good job for the beginning of a pilot’s career. This is because pilots need to log a certain amount of flight hours before they can qualify for commercial airline jobs. Also, teaching other pilots will help you learn more about how planes work and build your competency.

2. Set Schedule

One of the biggest challenges of being an airline pilot is dealing with the erratic schedule. Also, because commercial pilots fly from one part of the world to another, they are often far from home.

By contrast, flight instructors work regular hours with their students and can go home every night. This can make instructing a good job for people with families or other obligations.

3. Be Your Own Boss

Another benefit of being an instructor is that you can do it on a freelance basis. While many instructors work for flight schools, others can start their own programs or work with students privately. With this setup, you have the freedom of being able to work for yourself, rather than punching someone else’s time clock.

4. Flexible Income

If you decide to take on students privately, this also gives you the opportunity to grow your own income. The only restriction on your income is the number of students you are able to recruit. Rather than being on a fixed salary, you can bring in extra income by increasing your teaching load.

5. Take Advantage of an In-Demand Position

The need for flight instructors is growing. While many people are interested in becoming pilots, there is a shortage of trained professionals who are able to serve as instructors. As an instructor, you will have job security because of this chronic shortage.

6. Get Paid to Fly

As we mentioned earlier, pilots need to log a certain number of hours to reach different levels of licensure. One of the benefits of being a flight instructor is that you can actually get paid to log these hours, rather than doing so on your free time.

Consider Becoming a Flight Instructor Today

At the end of the day, the most important consideration is finding the job that is right for you. Evidence shows that happy people are more productive and fulfilled at work. So, if you think being a flight instructor will make you happy, you should go for it.

Are you a flight instructor? What do you like about your job? Let us know in the comments!

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