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8 Law Firm Marketing Techniques That Will Lead You to Success

There are over 1.3 million active lawyers serving the American population. That number gives credence to the fact that now more than ever, it’s difficult for attorneys to make their practice stand out among the clutter.

Fortunately, given the boom of digital technology, there are easy marketing methods law firms can leverage to assert their unique proposition statement in the legal marketplace and get discovered by consumers.

If you’re a law firm just beginning your foray into formally marketing your services, we’re here to help! Below, our team has put together a list of the best law firm marketing methods you can start utilizing today to start bolstering your client funnel.

1) SEO

Search engines process billions of user search queries every single day. Your SEO strategy dictates how likely your website will be to surface as a top result when those searches get processed.

SEO (search engine optimization) is basically the science of understanding the exact search queries people are inputting into engine search fields and tailoring your content to be exact matches for those search queries.

For example, if you’re a personal injury lawyer in Nebraska and all over your website you use the term “best injury attorney in NE” but thousands of people are searching with the phrase “excellent personal injury lawyer in Nebraska”, switching your web copy to match that phrase will give you access to those thousands of additional searchers.

To kick-start your SEO efforts, we recommend bringing on a digital marketing agency.

2) Make Sure your Website is Primed for Scheduling Clients

If you have a legal practice and don’t have a website, you need one. In today’s world, a website is the most important aspect of a successful marketing funnel.

Once you have a website that’s SEO optimized, make sure that every page on your site is driving visitors towards an intended result. If your intended result is to get people to schedule an appointment, make sure that every page has 2-3 call to action buttons telling people to book their appointment now (the Jacoby and Meyers website has some good examples of this).

Remember, your website is a medium that gives you the opportunity to attract clients 24/7. Make sure yours is optimized to achieve that end.

3) Get Social

Social media and legal practices may not seem like a great fit. With today’s internet users, however, social proof is everything when they choose to do business with an organization. That includes law firms.

To plus out your law firm marketing machine’s online presence, start with making sure you’ve claimed your Yelp page. Yelp is a website that many of your prospective clients will look at for your previous client’s testimonials.

A 4-5 star average review score is important on Yelp so stay engaged on the platform. Make sure you respond to both positive and negative reviews regularly to keep your score up.

After you’ve gotten comfortable with Yelp, branch out to platforms like Facebook or Twitter to expand your reach.

4) Add Forums to Your Website

Forum pages are basically where users can post questions and other members online can post answers. These responses are then expanded on and reviewed by a moderator which is usually somebody from your internal team.

Given the amount of user-generated content that appears on forums, forums are among the top performers when it comes to pages that rank high in search engines.

That means with a forum you’ll have a section of your site that basically produces content by itself and acts as a magnet to your law firm’s website.

5) Open Your Lines of Communication as Wide as Possible

How can prospective clients contact you? Do you have a phone number? What about an email form they can fill out?

The more ways prospective clients can engage you the more chances you have of converting them to a paying customer.

Our recommendation is to have as many contact mediums as possible available.

This can include phone, email, Facebook messenger and a website chat widget to name a few. Then, if possible, make sure that at least one of those mediums is fielding customer queries 24/7. You can accomplish this by using a call service center or outsourcing after-hours chat.

6) Always Ask For Testimonials

The more positive reviews you can get online, the more clients you’ll attract. To help make the process of getting testimonials go faster for you, always ask happy clients to leave you feedback once your business with them has concluded.

You can even offer them a discount or another incentive for doing this in a timely fashion.

7) Invest in Content Marketing

When people have legal questions the first thing they do is type those questions into Google. If you want your site to answer those legal question, consider starting a blog.

A legal blog can answer popular legal questions (which can be deduced via some SEO research) and can act as a very strong lead magnet for your services.

8) Take All of the above Tips and Develop a Solid Marketing Strategy

Many businesses both within and outside of the legal niche do their marketing piecemeal. This approach often ends up eating a company’s time and giving them no results.

Good marketing takes consistency to get traction. Because of that, it’s important to adopt the marketing methods you feel you can manage best and set aside time to work on each of them as a regular part of your week.

With some patience and consistency, after a few months, you’ll notice an immense difference in your firm’s client gaining success.

Wrapping Up Law Firm Marketing Ideas

Given the impaction of the legal space, it’s more important than ever for legal teams to start adopting solid law firm marketing ideas.

To get started, pick 2 or 3 of the law firm marketing strategies above and try them out. As you master a marketing method, expand to additional streams. The more marketing streams you incorporate into your consistent marketing efforts, the more opportunities you’ll have to consistently engage new, valuable clients!

Want to learn more about everything from marketing tips to productivity hacks and beyond? Our content as What Your Boss Thinks has you covered.

Get informed and start diving deeper into our content today!

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