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Starting Out on Your Own? How to Find an Office for Rent

If you’re starting your own business, you want a space that impresses clients and makes you productive. For some people, it’s their house. For others, the distractions of daily home life are too much.

Or, maybe your business is too big to run out of your house anymore. That’s a good sign!

Whatever your reason, you find yourself needing an office. Today, we’re walking you through finding the perfect office for rent.

Step 1: Decide What You Need

Think about where you’re working now. If you could strip everything away, what are the bare essentials you couldn’t live without?

A coffee station? Your desk? Natural lighting? Write down a list of must-haves. For this business owner that would be:

  • A coworking space
  • Quiet private offices
  • Accessibility to food and other deliveries
  • Skylights or a nice view

Your list could be completely different and that’s fine, but you won’t know until you make it!

Step 2: Start Looking

Once you know what you want, you can start looking. For some people that means hiring a corporate realtor, or searching online.

Online tools count as help too! Once you find three places you like, tour them as soon as possible. Good office space doesn’t last long.

When you’re there, imagine yourself working in that environment.

Is there a noisy road outside that would distract you? Is there a nearby restaurant you can eat at when you need a break? What about outdoor space? Sometimes it’s nice to bring your work outside.

After considering the more abstract things, think about how you and your team can work together in this space. Will people have to yell down long hallways?

Is there a meeting room or at least a central gathering space?

If you need certain machinery for your business, is there enough operating power or bandwidth to run it? Are pets allowed by the landlord?

More and more workplaces are letting employees bring their pets. It’s surprisingly beneficial.

Step 3: Make Sure It’s Affordable

If you did your research well or hired the right realtor, you should have only been looking at things in your price range. But things happen.

First off, can you afford this place? Not “I can afford it if A, B, and C.” Can you afford it at this current rate of business?

If the answer is “yes,” then it’s a good fit. You can move on to your final step.

Step 4: Let the Pros Handle It

Nothing is complicated like real estate law or conveyancing. There are plot numbers to look up, titles, and all sorts of paperwork you’d never think of.

It’s best to let a professional like Bliss Conveyancing handle the details to make sure the lease or bill of sale is in working order.

Unpacking Your Office for Rent

Congratulations, you’ve officially found an office for rent. Once the papers are signed and the keys are in your hand, you can start this exciting leg of your business venture.

Your entrepreneurial journey’s just begun. Let us guide you on the rest of it with our sought-after business advice.

Good luck!

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