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How to Start an Appliance Repair Business

The average number of repair shops in the US has dropped precipitously, down about 93% from where we were in the 1930s. With products being made more cheaply in ways that are difficult to repair them, manufacturers make the average person feel like it’s not possible. Thankfully, you know better and that’s why you’re thinking about starting an appliance repair business.

Before you start taking on clients, follows these 3 steps.

1. Find Your Niche

When you’re thinking about starting an appliance repair business, you’ll need to land on a specialty. While you might be able to fix just about anything, you’ll need to take up a particular space in the local economic ecosystem.

If there are already a ton of people available who can fix smart devices, phones, and tablets, put that on the back burner. If there’s no one around who can fix refrigerators, air conditioners, and toasters, you could be the one to do it. You can always advertise your ability to do everything but you need to focus on a niche.

Once you take over that little bit of space in the local repair industry, you can start expanding into another territory. If you can prove that you can do one thing exceptionally well, you’ll start winning over business from people who need you to do the other kinds of work.

2. Get Your Equipment In Order

Once you know what kind of work you want to focus on, you can start getting everything you need for your appliance repair business. You’ll need a workspace, a proper workbench that’s large and sturdy, and all the requisite tools for working on the appliances you’re specializing in.

If you’re working on small digital appliances, you’ll need more delicate tools and a controlled work environment. For larger appliances, your workspace will look more like an auto body shop.

Make sure you’ve got a good hookup for spare parts that you’ll need when you’re replacing broken elements in appliances. Contact Allstar Appliance Parts to become a regular client and to start building a relationship with them.

3. Start Advertising

Once you’ve got all the key elements in place and a name picked out, it’s time to start advertising. While you might find that your local market is partial to print marketing, you should start with a website and a social media profile.

Let everyone know what you’re about by showing off images of things you’ve repaired. Take some “before and after” videos and post them to Instagram. People will be very impressed with the work that you can do when they can see it plainly.

Make sure you have a strong and clear brand voice and take lots of high-quality photos.

An Appliance Repair Business Could Last Forever

The one thing that won’t break down is your appliance repair business. So long as you adapt to the latest technological innovations and learn new tricks, you’ll be able to repair anything that manufacturers can make.

To make sure your business thrives without any hiccups, make sure you’re following safety regulations when working with appliances.

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