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How to Commemorate Success and Hard-Work With Your Team

A well-performing team does not happen accidentally.

This is the result of a good recruiting process and an even stronger company culture.

When employees can buy into the work they do, they tend to do it better than if they felt nonchalant about it. Such a purpose leads to company growth, which calls for a celebration of success at work.

Recognizing your team for the work they do encourages them to keep it up and improve.

Here are a few ways to celebrate your team, or one person, for their efforts.

1. Go to Lunch

Taking a lunch hour to do something out of the ordinary can go a long way.

Invite the person whose success at work you want to celebrate to a nice meal.

Use the time to talk about their value in the company and how much you appreciate what they do. Pick their brain about what their vision is moving forward and see if you can be of support.

But, don’t make the whole lunch about work.

Part of creating strong relationships with your team is treating them like regular people, not just employees.

Find a common interest and kill some time kicking back over casual conversation.

2. Grab Some Drinks

Speaking of getting a little casual, why not swap a lunch hour for a happy hour instead?

Going out for drinks doesn’t have to be anything crazy.

All you need is a bar and some specials to get everyone to relax.

This is the time for co-workers to get to know each other beyond cubicles and meeting rooms. It builds strong relationships that can lead to better trust and understanding at the office – which in turn creates more success at work.

3. Get a Coffee Gift Card

Some team members prefer a cup of Joe over a shot of Jack.

If this sounds like a few people you know, get them each a gift card to the coffee shop down the street.

You don’t have to load it up with a bunch of money. But, giving someone a few coffees on your dime shows you recognize the efforts they’ve been putting it.

It’s your way of saying thank you and encouraging them to keep up the good work.

4. Offer Time Off

As great as coffee is, it can only keep your team running for so long.

Consider giving someone an extra day off if you have the ability to grant it.

There’s nothing like being able to recharge on your own terms.

Some team members might use this as a couch potato day. Others will take care of errands they’ve been putting off or spend time with their family.

Either way, most people could use a day off.

5. Schedule a Spa Day

Can’t offer a day off?

Turn the office into an oasis by bringing in massage specialists.

There are many massage professionals that specialize in corporate events. They come with their own seats and equipment, ready to relieve the stress of your employees.

Invite them to come to your office for the day or just a few hours. Send out an email for everyone to take a few minutes of their time to enjoy this treatment free of cost.

This method of celebrating success at work is one of the easiest to achieve.

It’s in-house, available to everyone, and often more cost-efficient than you might think.

6. Do a Giveaway

Another thing you can do within the walls of your building is to plan a giveaway.

Giveaways can work in one of two ways.

The first is a contest you set up as an incentive to boost the amount of success at work. You can do one per department or come up with something everyone can participate in.

The second way to do a giveaway is a raffle.

Every time a team member closes a deal, offers exceptional customer support, or otherwise goes above and beyond, they get a ticket. You can plan to draw tickets at the end of each month or each quarter.

This keeps everyone on their toes as they anticipate the next available prize.

7. Start a Hall of Fame

Contests and giveaways are great, but managers often realize they have to keep coming up with new ideas.

A little more structure, like a hall of fame, can work as a good alternative.

Instead of having to figure out new prizes, the hall of fame can be a long-term standard of recognition.

This method of celebrating success at work goes beyond dedication and results.

It offers employees a place to take their stand among the rest.

When someone sees their name and/or photo on the wall of fame, they will get a sense of fulfillment as well as motivation. These are two valuable emotions to create if you wish to keep your team focused and productive.

8. Say Thank You – and Mean It

No matter what kind of recognition you choose to give for someone’s success at work, always be sure to say thank you.

Offering genuine thanks if more than a hand-written card. It’s a detailed note or conversation on the specific wins you’ve noticed from your team or one person.

Tell them how much you appreciate the work they’ve been putting in lately.

Give examples such as the fact that you’ve noticed them coming in early or their persistence in pursuing and closing a tough prospect.

Maybe offer this person a special, personal gift you know they would appreciate.

Veterans often love getting army coins, while copywriters on the team might appreciate a good book.

Encouraging Success At Work

Before you start implementing ways to recognize success at work, you have to create an environment for success to thrive.

This is necessary from the top-down, and it has to be genuine.

The right culture is about more than retirement benefits and health insurance. It’s a place where people feel comfortable and supported as well as challenged to be their best.

For more on creating a successful work environment, click here.

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