Getting Ready for a Job Interview

You’ve been applying for jobs because you are either currently unemployed or you are looking for a new direction in your career. A letter or a phone call has let you know that you have been selected for an interview in the next few days and you need to know how to prepare for the experience. With some research, organisation and self-belief you can walk into the room knowing you are ready for the questions the panel have for you.

The first thing to do is to have a look at the job description you were sent when applying. Make a list of all the skills, knowledge and qualifications they are looking for and match these with your own experience. After you have completed this, draw up a list of your own job assets. These should cover areas such as your level of computer skills, relevant courses you have attended and achievements in work. Be prepared to talk about them at the interview and even if they don’t bring them up as part of the questioning, think about how you can proactively work them into your answers so you know they find out everything you are capable of.

One of the questions most asked is how much you know about the company you want to work for. Spend some time doing your research so you know what they do, where they operate and their vision for the future.

Ask a friend or family member to take you through a practice interview. This will help calm your nerves and give you the opportunity to run through putting together your answers to the questions which are most likely to be asked. You can find lists of commonly asked interview questions online to give you some hints and tips.

Being late for the interview would be a disaster so know where you are going, how you are going to get there and how long the journey will take. Check out maps if you are driving or timetables for trains and buses so you know that you can arrive early. Turning up at the last minute will mean you feel rushed and out of breath so set off in plenty of time.

Don’t wait until the last minute to put your interview outfit together. You need to look your best and turning up in creased clothing will put you at an instant disadvantage against the other candidates. It’s important to think about the style of outfit to wear; ensure it is appropriate for the job and the environment you will be working in.

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If you are organised, know what to say and turn up looking and feeling positive, you’ll sail through the interview and it will only be a short while before you get a phone call offering you the job.

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