The Best Career Advice You’re Not Taking

We’re all striving for the perfect job, but actually climbing the career ladder and landing the roles you want is much easier said than done. One way to get ahead in today’s competitive employment market is to seek out top career tips, but as well as reading and listening to this guidance, you need to act on it. Here is some of the best careers advice that you may not be taking.

It’s never too late to retrain

You’ve no doubt heard lots of people say that it’s never too late to retrain. However, you might have ruled out a change of direction because of your financial commitments and constraints on your time. This could be needlessly limiting your prospects. Even if you’ve got a mortgage to pay or a family to raise, retraining is still an option. By taking advantage of distance learning options, you can fit training around your existing schedule, meaning you needn’t lose out financially and you’ll be able to keep up with your current commitments at work and at home. As education specialists Oxford Open Learning note, distance courses provide people with flexibility to choose when and where they want to study.

So, don’t let a hectic schedule or concern over a loss of earnings put you off retraining. As long as you’re savvy and choose the right style of course, you should be able to achieve your goal. Of course, fitting extra study into an already busy timetable does require effort and dedication, but once you’ve got your new qualifications and skills, you should find that a world of new opportunities opens up to you.

Keep an open mind when you’re looking for jobs

It’s easy to develop tunnel vision when you’re trying to land that ideal job, but you’ve no doubt heard careers experts telling you to keep an open mind when you’re looking for roles. This advice is spot on. Given the number of people out there seeking work, it may not be possible to get the exact positions you’re after. Taking on a slightly different role can seem like a failure, but in fact it’s just being pragmatic. As well as keeping you in the employment market, this can broaden your experience. It might also help you to discover alternative career routes that you’d never even considered before but that perfectly suit your talents.  

Make the most of opportunities to network

Networking is certainly a buzz phrase in the business community, and there’s a reason why people mention this term so often; the fact is, networking can help to make or break entire careers. By attending industry gatherings and reaching out to people within your sector online, you can build connections that ultimately help you to find the best jobs. Spend time building your profile online and take full advantage of sites like LinkedIn and Twitter.

By following tips like these, you stand to give your career prospects a major boost.

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