What Does Your Car Say about You?

A car is much more than a means to go from A to B. Much like the clothes you wear will make an impression on those you meet, a vehicle says a lot about who you are and what your approach to life is. This makes it particularly important in business, where first impressions count for a lot whether you are going for an interview, meeting potential customers, meeting associates or anybody else. So, what does your car say about you?

Flashy vs. Understated

Whilst it is true that you will want to make a good impression, you will also not want to flaunt wealth and come off as arrogant (this is particularly true around your employees). This is why many successful businessmen leave their luxury car at home and instead drive something that is more understated for work. At the same time, you will not make a great impression if you turn up in a cheap, old car that is clearly not taken care of and unreliable. So dont feel that you spent some cash for unwanted cars, just learn to use the right car for the right occasion.


Colour is often the first thing that people notice about an automobile. Therefore, you should think carefully when in the market for a new car and choose something that is professional. For the widest range, you will want to use a large dealership.

If you are using the car mainly for business purposes, you cannot go wrong with black, silver, grey or navy – these look very sleek in addition to being professional. Loud and bold colours like yellow should be avoided, as these can give off an impression of boisterousness and even aggressiveness.

Technology & Accessories

The technology within the car and the accessories that you put on display will also say a lot about you. Cars that utilise the latest technology show that you are modern, adaptable and open to change, which can be crucial in business. Whilst some accessories are welcome (particularly if you have a family), it is also important that you avoid bumper stickers and dashboard toys – these are not professional (save these for your weekend car).



Much like you would tidy your office before an important meeting; your car should be washed and cleaned if you are hoping to show that you are reliable. This includes the inside, where there is no place for rubbish as this can also create unwanted smells in the vehicle.

The vehicle that you drive says a huge amount about who you are and what your approach is; this is particularly important in business where you must showcase professionalism, confidence and reliability without coming across as arrogant.

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