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10 Real Estate Marketing Ideas That Actually Work

U.S. real estate agents and brokers spent an estimated $8.9 billion on advertising in 2015. That equals over $4,800 in advertising spend per agent per year.

There’s no shortage of marketing techniques available to Realtors(R) looking to make a splash. If that’s the case, why do so many real estate professionals view marketing in a negative light?

Not all marketing is effective. Many techniques have yielded limited results, poor ROI, and barely any exposure to the target market.

Trying to expand your real estate company? Then it’s time to switch up your marketing. These 10 real estate marketing ideas really work.

Use these strategies to grow your client list and start making sales. Read on to learn more.

1. Content Marketing

As a real estate professional, there’s no doubt that you’re an expert in your field. Why not showcase your expertise to your target audience?

Content marketing is a great way to use your expertise to attract potential clients. This process involves using your content to leverage your authority online.

Your first step is to create a blog. This is your space to give your audience tips, industry insights, and answer questions about the real estate industry. This can provide tremendous value to audiences seeking information from real estate experts.

You can reach out to established and high traffic website to get them to link back to your content. You can do so by participating in guest posts or by getting backlinks to your site. This will draw in visitors and help get targeted leads to your site.

2. Google Ads

You’ve likely heard of Google Ads for real estate marketing. But you might be surprised to learn how effective it is.

Google advertisers earn an average of $2 for every $1 spent on the program. This marketing method is effective because it helps bring in qualified leads.

Google uses a pay-per-click method for their advertising. That means you only get charged when users click on your ad impressions.

Let’s say someone is searching for a “real estate agent” in Tacoma. They likely have a need for a Realtor(R) in their area, they just don’t know who to contact. Google Ads puts you in front of users when they are searching for your services in their area.

3. Instagram

It’s clear that social media is becoming increasingly popular. Using social media is also a smart business strategy to stay ahead of the competition.

Instagram is a great real estate marketing technique. You can post photos and videos to increase engagement with your listings.

It’s also easy for users to connect with your account. They can search by relevant location and hashtags to find your Instagram. Make sure to geotag your photos and come up with related hashtags to target homebuyers and potential clients.

4. Email Marketing

Are you looking to grow your contact list? Then you might want to consider email marketing.

Email marketing is a way for real estate companies to gather contact information and increase their outreach to local leads.

There are several email marketing systems that can be found online. These systems allow Realtors(R) to collect email addresses and begin outreach campaigns.

These campaigns can help you reach out to potential clients and keep your company at the forefront of their minds. Aim to send emails that have value to increase their effectiveness. No one likes a sales email.

5. Referral System

Setting up a referral system is a great way to get easy leads.

This common real estate marketing method lets you reach out to satisfied clients and grow your business. The key thing to remember is that you only want to reach out to happy customers.

You can set up a referral program on your website to get the ball rolling. Try setting up some sort of feedback system or incentive program to increase your referrals.

A referral system is a quick and easy way to get qualified leads and take advantage of your stellar reputation.

6. Yelp

Word-of-mouth is a tried and true real estate marketing method. It has also changed with the advent of review sites.

Yelp is an online directory that connects users with businesses based on search terms, location, and reviews. Users leave reviews of businesses to recommend them to the Yelp community.

You can set up a free business profile on the site. This lets you take control of your business information and will also let you respond to reviews. You can also set up a Yelp deal to entice users to make a transaction.

7. Google Business Page

Google is often the first place people go in their search for local businesses.

You can take advantage of Google searches by setting up a local business page on the site. Go to to fill out your free business listing. You should make an effort to target keywords to increase your exposure.

Good keywords to add are related to your location, industry, and business name.

8. Website Lead Gen Forms

Your website might be getting great traffic. Traffic means nothing if the users aren’t converting into leads.

You should make an effort to grab information from users when they visit your site. One easy way to do this is to set up a lead generation form. This tool will let you gather names, phone numbers, email addresses, and more from users.

This information can be used for further outreach and to compile a contact list.

9. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an important tool for any professional. It can also be an especially effective real estate marketing tool.

LinkedIn allows users to publish original content to their network. This tool lets you share insights and expertise in the form of a blog post.

You can attract your audience while also proving to be an expert in your field.

10. Automated Text Message Marketing

Cell phones are more accessible than ever before. Why not take advantage of this accessibility?

Automated text message marketing lets potential clients connect with real estate teams at the click of a button.

Realty Flux is a great example of the capabilities of text message marketing. People can get more information on your business by texting a registered number. This number can appear on business cards, yard signs, or even open house sign-in sheets.

Your Real Estate Marketing

Real estate marketing is becoming more competitive.

These methods let you stay ahead of the competition, increase your visibility, and target qualified leads.

Are you looking to learn more about productive business habits? We can help. Contact us today to learn more about making your business better.

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