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Funny Custom Gifts for the Boss with a Sense of Humor


They say it’s not the gift, but the thought that counts. How much more thoughtful can a gift get when it’s been customized specifically for you? If your boss has a good sense of humor and you’d like to show you appreciate it, try getting your boss one of these gifts and and have a laugh together over it:

Customized Coffee Mugs

There are lots of comedic “boss” coffee mugs out there right now, some of them say things like, “Me boss, you not”, “World’s Okayest Boss”, “My door is always open….but I’m having it fixed”. There is even a coffee mug which says, “Coffee is for closers” – a reference to Alec Baldwin’s iconic Glengarry Glen Ross scene. Why not step it up a notch by personalizing your boss’s coffee mug? You can purchase a “Keep Calm and let ‘insert name here’ handle it” from Cafepress.com and place your boss’s name on it. It’ll show them that you have faith in their capabilities and are aware of pop-culture references. If nothing else, you could always put a picture of their face on it with some witty caption, to let other people know, that it’s “the boss’ mug”.

Customized Bobbleheads

Amusing, silly, and meant to remind people that it’s okay to laugh at themselves every once in awhile. Imagine the look on your boss’s face when he opens his gift and realizes what you got him was a miniature likeness of himself! People are flattered in seeing recreated versions of themselves in art-form. Whoopass Enterprises creates customized bobbleheads of people in the closest likeness possible. The company puts fine attention to detail on each bobblehead so that the person receiving the gift knows you noticed that watch they always wear, or that particular way they like to style their hair. You can even have a bobblehead made of them doing what they love best- like golf or any other hobby.

Just send a picture of the person you want to make a doll ofl, write a description about how you want it to look, and they will show you what the dolls look like and you can make changes from there so you’re sure it’s exactly how you want it to look.

Whether it’s for your boss’s birthday or his retirement, it becomes a good reminder that your boss had some thoughtful employees under him.

Customized Wine Labels

Wine is often a gift you can see passed around the office during parties (or secretly during stressful deadlines), but you can make it even more fun by slapping on a custom label on your wine and presenting that to your boss. iCustomWine on Etsy creates wine label stickers you can put on your boss’s favorite bottle of wine (or vodka, you get the gist), which can include pictures and have captions. “We’re pretty sure we’re the reason you drink, so enjoy this bottle on us! Thank you for all that you do!” It’s simple, humorous, and gets the message across. Just don’t forget you still need to go buy the wine.

When thinking of what kind of humorous gift you should give your boss, never forget about what kind of person they are and if they’d be happy to receive it. Consider the possibility you may see your boss with his gift every day, so make sure it’s something that both of you are happy to see daily during work. Hopefully it’s something that will make everyone in the workplace smile.

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