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5 Business Practices Your Boss Hasn’t Got Time For


You won’t be hard pressed to find an employee who ‘hates’ their boss. Walk into any business and ask the honest opinion of staff and many of them will be happy to come up with a number of reasons for disliking their employer. Some points will be valid, others just exaggerated due to a number of reasons, with ‘hate’ often the wrong word.

However, few ever stop and think that their bosses may have annoyances with them. There will be a number of things that many bosses do not have time for. If you’re doing any of the following then it is probably time to stop.

  1. Poor Time Management

Bosses hate people being late. Whether it’s to work in general, important meetings or even returning from lunch, it demonstrates poor time management that is essential in other areas of your job. Not only that, but it shows a lack of respect for others in the meeting and who you work with and is considered rude. Not ideal employee traits. You can easily manage your time using Google calendar. Infact you will surprised to know the way you can increase your productivity with Gmail using this simple hacks from www.learngmail.com

  1. Bad Social Etiquette

Depending on the industry you work in, social skills may be incredibly important in customer-facing roles, less so in others. Still, if someone is fit to do the job they shouldn’t be discriminated against. However, poor personal hygiene can lead to a lack of teamwork, and those who constantly say inappropriate things can lead to a lawsuit. Find out more about business legal issues.

  1. Persistent Questions

Most bosses will like employees who are keen and take a genuine interest in their work. Asking questions is by no means a bad thing, it shows good communication skills and the willingness to do the right thing. Yet asking persistent questions shows a lack of confidence and understanding that will make your boss question your ability.

  1. Lack of Respect

It’s great when a boss can get on well with their employees in social situations. There’s always one employee who will take such a matey relationship too far in the professional setting though. This can be seen as a lack of respect, for them and the business. Separate the two types of relationship to keep everyone happy.

  1. Abundance of Absence

Being off genuinely ill can be unavoidable, but make a habit of it, or even take days off for minor reasons, will get on your boss’ nerves. The more confident employees are the more days off ill they will take. Only be absent when you are actually sick to stay on your boss’ good side.

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