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4 Effective Medical Practice Marketing Strategies

With most small businesses set to spend around $75,000 this year on digital marketing, it’s imperative to make sure your money is well spent. The best way to do this is to watch trends in digital marketing.

When you’re focused on medical practice marketing, you need to also juggle the standards and practices of protecting patient privacy.

Here are 4 ways to market your medical office.

1. Start A Blog

When people search for something online, they’re either looking for a specific service or the answer to a specific question. Starting a blog for your medical practics is a great way to market yourself. Let your staff show off how knowledgeable they are, tell the story of your office, and build your brand’s presence.

Whatever you do, don’t give out advice via your blog. You could end up in a liability issue. Use the blog to talk about procedures and technology instead.

You could show people how your services can answer their problems so long as you don’t give out specific medical advice.

2. Claim Business Listings

For years, the majority of people have found out about businesses via search engines and on the internet. Claiming your listings on Google My Business, Yelp, and Yahoo! Local allows you to be able to control what people get to know about your company. Important information like hours, location, and services offered can be clarified via these directories.

If you have a dedicated client base, ask them to leave feedback for you on these directories. Offer a promotional item or a discounted service in exchange for their positive review.

3. Cross Promote With Other Offices

If you work in a big medical office park or building, surely you’re next door to lots of other personal practices that are trying to get the attention they deserve. Since you’re all in this boat together, you should identify the people who you’re not in direct competition with, and offer to promote one another.

If the other office has a blog, you should ask to exchange guest posts with them. You could even organize a health fair together at a local park or during a local street fair. Knock on the door of the dermatology specialists down the hall and see if they want to team up and organize.

4. Be a Positive Social Media Presence

So much of social media is so negative right now. You could stand out from everyone else if you were a positive presence. You could post lovely photos of nature and remind people to get their regular checkups.

If you have a high tick infestation in your region, you could remind people to get tested for that. Stay in communication, remind people to stay healthy, and above everything be kind.

Feel free to interact with customers but don’t identify specific procedures or even if they’ve been treated by you. You could be violating their HIPAA privacy, even if they got the ball rolling on their own.

Medical Practice Marketing Requires Patience

There will be a great deal of trial and error in your medical practice marketing, but so long as you are constantly measuring your results, you’ll constantly improve. The key is to ensure that you’re marketing on the channels where you can find your patients.

If you’re thinking about rebuilding your website for better marketing, be sure you follow our guide to the latest trends.

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