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How Business Automation Can Help You Level-Up

Did you know that in 2016, the global worth of business automation was a whopping $6.96 billion?

What’s more, experts forecast that this value will go up to $14.89 billion come 2021. That’s more than twice within just a span of 5 years!

This tells us that automating business processes is the next big thing. Especially when it comes to marketing, with 98% of buyers favoring automation software for this specific aspect of their business.

But what exactly does business automation software do? How can it help you and your business level up?

Don’t worry. That’s what we’re going to share with you today.

Keep reading to learn how this type of technology can help you grow your organization!

1. Accomplish Twice, Even Thrice in the Same Amount of Time

If we were to ask you how many emails you think an average employee receives every day, what would you answer?

A. 50

B. 100

C. 150

If you answered any of the above, then surprise, surprise. The answer isn’t there, because the correct one is a shocking 200 emails.

Reading and responding to these emails take about 2.5 hours every day. That’s time that workers could put to better use, such as creating insatiable content for online marketing campaigns.

And that’s only one way on how you can save time when automating a process, say for instance client emails and responses. Of course, you’d still want to format your email replies in a way that they appear customized. But for others, like acknowledgment receipts and the like, you and your people can save a lot of time with email automation.

With business automation software, you can respond to twice, even thrice the number of emails and still have a lot of time left for other more important tasks.

2. Never Forget about Client Schedules Again

How many times have you had to deal with irate customers because of missing schedules with them? While you always strive hard to meet client demands, your brain can only remember so much. Which is why you may have had to reschedule appointments with them in the past.

Remember, consumers have so many ways to let the world know of their experience. 13% of them will share details about their bad experience to at least 15 other people. If you missed appointments with say, three people today, that means you can lose the trust of 45 other potential clients.

Start automating, and you can avoid having to face the wrath of angry customers. Through automation software, you create, update, and manage schedules on the fly. You can set up alerts for these schedules a day or a few hours before the actual meeting.

3. Complete Tasks the Virtual Way

On average, people spend 25.4 minutes on the road to go to work.

Now, consider this:

Google processes more than 67 thousand searches every second. That’s roughly 100.5 million queries in the same time it takes an employee to get to work!

So why not take a page out of Google’s book and remain productive during this commute time? An automation software for your and your people’s mobile devices can help you achieve this goal. Imagine what everyone can complete within this time frame.

From starting the first few paragraphs of a marketing blog post by taking notes to drafting sales pitches on the go. That’s just a few of the many other tasks that your team can do with the use of an automation software.

4. Make Sure Everyone Is Doing their Job

Automation and restoration software for your business projects also help make sure everyone’s chipping into the success of your organization. How so?

For instance, a program can have task tracking features. This allows you to identify which jobs remain open and which ones already have someone working on them.

This “job report” monitoring also informs you of statuses. For example, an employee may be taking too much time to complete it. In this case, you can talk with the responsible party to find out why this is the case.

This feature also lets you know in real-time if projects are on schedule, or if their completion is ahead of time.

All these details then give you time to make changes or adjustments on certain aspects of a project. This also helps you relay news to clients and keep them in the loop of the project’s progress. It’s better to let them know beforehand if a project needs more time than just submitting it to them after the due date.

5. Key to Having Successful Remote Employees

Thanks to technology, businesses now have a wider reach to talents who can prove invaluable to their organization. Outsourcing remote workers can have a significant reduction in your business’ overhead expenses.

There’s also the great possibility that your next marketing star may live on the other side of the world.

The thing is, it can prove more difficult to manage remote workers since they don’t have a physical presence at the office. In fact, this may be the only reason you haven’t started hiring them yet.

In this case, know that automation software can help you expand your employee roster to cover talented remote workers.

With a robust business workflow automation, you can cut down the time needed for email correspondence with your remote team members. For instance, you can simply give them a link through email that provides them access to task details. Also, since you have real-time info on the status of their projects, you can immediately identify who’s working on which task.

Ready to Unlock the Potential of Business Automation?

Every business, regardless of size and niche, can benefit from business automation. After all, everyone looks for ways to improve productivity while keeping the same top output quality.

So, don’t wait for even more missed lead generation opportunities! Start automating some of your business’ usual processes ASAP.

And if you want more productivity-increasing tips and tricks like this for your organization, be sure to check our blog’s productivity section out! We have more strategies that can help you build an even longer clientele list!

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