Starting Over: Resources to Help You after a Financial Crash

A financial crisis almost never goes alone. It often comes as a side effect of losing a job, a divorce or a serious illness within the family. In situations like these, money problems are not very high on the priority lists, as you devote your time and energy into dealing with more serious issues. Still, the financial crash cannot be overlooked. These are some of the guidelines on how you can restore your finances after a serious blow. Financial crisis make you revaluate what you are doing in this this life and what will happen if you are not there for your kids anymore. So writing a proper will is of equal importance. Imagine what your situation will be when you’re contesting a will. You dont want that to happen to your kids. 

Understand Things as they are

Stressful moments and time spent in despair sometimes makes even simple tasks, like opening the bills or analyzing your bank balance, hard to do. That is something that is normal and human after all. However, unless you face reality, things aren’t likely to get any better. In many cases, the fear of what is waiting out there is more destructive than how you would feel after you do know. A simple spreadsheet will help you stay organized and focused, but also give you some work to do in order to forget the main stressful event at least for a bit, and lend you the feeling that the situation is under control. Unlike the haphazard pile of open bills and bank statements, an organized and filed spreadsheet will give you a new hope. 

Asking for Help

If you bills are overdue and you have run out of cash to keep up with the interest, the best thing you can do is call the company and ask if something can be arranged. It’s highly unlikely that companies care about you and understand the hardships you are going through. They are rather more interested in getting paid, and realize that the best way to get the money for their services is to work with you. Much easier and less nauseating than lawsuits, to be frank.

Play with open cards and don’t sign anything you are not completely sure you can fulfill. Ask for additional time to think, if you have to. Your family and friends can offer valuable help in these times, if not financial help, than with giving advice, job search or childcare. Sometimes another person can give you a simple idea that you would have never thought of.

The Strategy

The moment you know what you are dealing with, you can think of a strategy that will get your finances back to its track. On of the elements of a new plan should be how to make a new emergency fund. You should learn how to manage your finances better to minimize the chance of experiencing the financial blow once again. The Internet today offers a wide variety of options and sites to learn from, and some of the best content out there will open your eyes to new possibilities, and will equip you with tools of the trade to help you avert the next crisis.  

You need to make a list of priorities, i.e. what should be done first and what can wait. When making a budget, include small things that will make you feel better if possible. A modest date night or a weekend out of town can do wonders. You can try finding an extra job that you can do from your home, like freelance writing or online tutoring. Every little bit helps. Finally, you must include goals for the long-term financial stability, which include the above-mentioned emergency fund. You can always decide to explore you stock market options. Even though it may seem like a difficult venture, you can read up a lot on the subject, and hopefully your little emergency fund will become even richer.


Recovering from a financial fall can take months, even years. However, the one thing that you must accept is that you have choices, even though you can’t control every aspect of your life. Choices that can help you improve the situation. In stressful times, money is often less important than the wellbeing of our loved ones, but it ensures the stability and makes the full recovery easier. 

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