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How to Thrive in the Greeting Card Business

Picking the perfect greeting card can sometimes be a tougher task than it seems.

You might feel like you can make a better card, rather than having to buy one. Don’t ignore this feeling. If you have artistic interests and enjoy making people feel something, you may be on to something.

Starting a greeting card business is easier than it seems.

With the right vision, tools, and work ethic, it can be one of the most worthwhile choices for your career and creative talents.

Not sure how to get started?

Here are the key things you need to know to thrive as a greeting card maker.

Define What Makes You Different

Before you start making greeting card collections and working hard on your big ideas, you need a sense of direction.

Think about the artistry you want to use and the writing style inside the cards as well. Your style has to stand out and connect with people. It also has to be consistent enough to build brand recognition over time.

Are you trying to be the next Papyrus, or focus on a niche market like ekarda does?

Take the time to define what sets you apart. Then, work on crafting your skills before launching your greeting cards.

Know Your Market and Your Value

Once you’ve become comfortable in your style, there are a few more things to consider before going to market.

Are you trying to appeal to a local audience, or build an online greeting card business and go global?

A local audience can be more personal. You have the opportunity to sell your art personally at local markets or art festivals, and you can use local references in your cards as well.

If you’d rather focus on the creative aspects of the business, an online medium might be better.

It allows you to upload designs for print and purchase, but be sure to take your time picking vendors. Remember, your partners in order processing, printing, and delivery will reflect the quality of your work.

Whatever you decide, be sure to test the market.

Consider running specials or pre-orders for new greeting cards. This also helps build exposure for your greeting card business if you offer specials around the holidays.

Put In the (Extra) Time

When you launch your business, be patient.

You can’t expect your greeting cards to have a huge following right away, but you can expect to reach your goals with the right work ethic.

Running your own business means you are your own boss. You control when you work and when you don’t, but as your business is beginning, try to work more often than not.

Make it purposeful, too.

Separate your time between design ideas and creation, printing and selling, and marketing your brand. Some days you will be at your desk scribbling and drawing, other days you will have to be actively engaged in your market.

You have to build community, whether online or in person. You have to give people something to love, then make sure they recognize it as a brand over time.

This will likely mean no “weekends” for a while, as this is prime time to be a vendor for local markets. It will mean late nights and early mornings if you are building your business while working another job.

Yet, it will all be worth it. Keep your goals in mind as you put the pen to paper, every time.

Build Your Greeting Card Business

Ready to roll up your sleeves and publish your greeting card ideas?

Your audience is waiting for you! All over the world and in your backyard, someone needs the perfect card to say “thank you”, “I love you”, or “I miss you.”

Give them the words they can’t seem to find.

Here’s how to grow your greeting card business and stay ahead of the competition.

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