3 Amazing Restaurant Web Design Tips

With restaurants earning a revenue of $799 billion dollars, it’s easy to see that Americans are dining out more often.

But that also means there’s a lot more competition than there used to be. Restaurants now have to rely on a lot more than just word-of-mouth to attract customers.

They need a website. One that will build brand reconnection and connect with customers.

Here are three amazing restaurant web design tips to keep customers coming back time and again.

1. Make Use of Photography

While everyone eats out, Millenials tend to dine out most often. Most of them dine out five times per week.

One way to entice Millenials or any other generation to a restaurant is with the use of photography. Both physical and neurophysiological changes occur when we see food.

Our brains tell us we’re hungry and we respond.

While this may have a negative effect on a customer’s waistline, it’s a great tool to use in a restaurant web design.

Best of all, if a restaurant team member is a halfway decent photographer, it’s easy to change the photography daily.

A photo of a burger when it’s the featured special on Wednesdays to entice people to come in on a slower night. Or a photo of the yummy kale salad that’s the best selling item at a vegan restaurant.

2. Include Social Media Apps on in the Restaurant Web Design

Good restaurant web design should always include social media apps. Just because a diner has left the restaurant, it doesn’t mean the conversation is over.

Not by a long shot. Using social media apps allows a restaurant to keep in touch with their patrons easily and quickly.

It’s an opportunity to send out an alert that happy hour is about to begin. Go one step further and list the happy hour specials. It’s an opportunity to get people in the door even when they weren’t planning on it.

Using social media can also be a great way to for favorite patrons to share photos of their favorite meals. Or learn that the restaurant is serving a special meal for Valentines Day.

Using social media is also a great way to improve rankings on search engines.

3. Create a Memorable Logo

A restaurant’s specialty is creating great food that people remember long after they’ve left. So it seems silly to think creating their own logo would be easy for them.

That’s why creating the logo should be left to the professionals at Jezweb. Their team knows how to identify and develop a logo that helps customers identify with a restaurant’s brand.

Think of the golden arches of McDonald’s. Everyone knows what they look like whether they eat there or not. It’s iconic.

It’s a logo that’s also helped sell billions of dollars worth of food over the years.

To get started, a great team building activity for the restaurant staff would be to identify three core values the restaurant has. It helps create a stronger brand identity.

Delegate the Website Responsibilities and Enjoy Life

Running a restaurant is a huge responsibility. The duties are never-ending.

It’s easy to burn out quickly if there’s no downtime taken. So let the professionals who eat, sleep, and breathe restaurant web design take care of the site.

Then take some time to create a balanced life.

Finding ways to be more productive, run an effective business, and still enjoy life can be easy. Just keep visiting our blog for our latest tips and tools.

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