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7 Ways to Increase Sales for Your Custom Challenge Coins Business

As cool as custom challenge coins are, it’s a very niche market to be in. You may offer the best shipping rates or the highest quality of coins overall, but without the right sales approach, you won’t get the amount business you’re looking for.

That’s why you should always look into different ways to increase sales. Of course, there are the traditional things like having an online store and running a few ads for your coins. But, how can you take your efforts one step further?

Here are seven ways to improve your business sales to consider trying out.

1. Get on Social Media

If you already have your website fully-optimized and ready to increase sales, think about other things you can add to your digital strategy. Start learning the ins and outs of social media for business purposes.

That’s right – Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are great sales tools when you know how to use them correctly. The more you learn about developing social media ads, using hashtags and partnering with influencers, the better your sales numbers will be. The results don’t necessarily happen right away, but there’s no limit to the possibilities available when you focus on social media for sales purposes.

2. Start a Blog

Another thing you need to get on right away is blogging. In fact, if you’ve truly optimized your website, then you should have a blog set up by now.

Blogging is essential to digital marketing. It expands your online presence and makes it easier for current and potential customers to find you. This is thanks to the keywords you use, the links you include, and the overall quality of the content you write.

When you post articles with relevant, interesting information, people start to pay attention. Search bots recognize this too, which is what boosts your search result ranking and puts your blog in front of more people.

Over time, you develop a stronger sense of authority in the challenge coin industry – with the online performance and overall sales numbers to show for it. This website has done just that, and you can, too!

3. Send Emails

How can you get the word out about a new blog post or a social media contest? By sending an email! Email marketing is anything but dead. It’s a fun way to target your audience and create a direct conversation with them.

Use this to increase sales by telling users about freebies they can win or special offers they need to take advantage of right now. Or, create a company newsletter to send out on a regular basis in order to stay fresh in the mind of everyone in your market. Emails also work well as a tool to make big announcements with, like a new storefront, rebranding, a culture shift, or a new hire you’re particularly proud about.

4. Attend Trade Shows

Don’t just think about how to increase sales in terms of digital marketing efforts. Sometimes, it’s worth talking to customers in real life instead of through a screen and the best way to do this is to attend trade shows.

Find upcoming conventions and conferences that relate to things your customers are interested in. Look for the ones that give you the most value as a vendor.

Note that some of these may be a road trip or a plane ride away. If you’re still getting your coin business started or you’re working on a tight budget, start with smaller, local events then build your way up to the big leagues. Before you know it, you’ll be headed to places like Las Vegas and New York, talking to thousands of customers a day!

5. Offer Referral Incentives

Speaking of so many customers, take a moment to consider the people who have bought challenge coins from you already. You can leverage these relationships to create even more sales if you reach out to them in the right way.

Try sending an email with referral incentives or starting some sort of long-term referral program. The email will work best as a big announcement or as a time-sensitive operation. Either way, just be sure it has the power to get your audience fired up about who you are and what you do.

Ask them to post their challenge coins on social media or to share one of your posts. Tell them to get their friends to sign up for your emails or to follow your business social account. This makes lead generation easier than ever, but don’t forget to follow through on the incentives you’re offering.

6. Motivate Your Sales Team

What if you’ve already tried everything from trade shows to social ads and blog posts? Maybe boosting your sales numbers isn’t a question about marketing, but the actual sales process.

Talk to your sales team. Check in with how everyone is doing and the kind of feedback they’re getting from their clients. Ask if there’s anything that needs to be changed or improved in the way your team does sales.

If you hear crickets, you have a problem. Your sales team should always be continuing the conversation with their clients and/or finding new opportunities to make the sales process seamless for all parties. This shows they are fully engaged and truly motivated to do what they do.

But, the responsibility falls back on you, too. You can’t expect your sales team to do all the work if you aren’t being the leader that they need. Inspire them, motivate them, and let them know you’re always there for support.

7. Take Another Look at Your Target Audience

Just as you might need to have a sit down with your sales team, you need to take a moment to look closely at your target audience, too. The difference in sales you’re looking for could be a matter of positioning yourself better in the market you’re in.

Go back to the drawing board and define your ideal customer all over again. This doesn’t mean you have to change all of their attributes, but it does mean you need to make your target more realistic and better detailed. The better you can define who you’re selling to, the more sales you’re likely to make.

More Ways to Increase Sales and Grow Your Business

Building a business doesn’t happen overnight, especially in terms of sales. You may have a slow start getting the market share you’re looking for. Or, you could be in a situation where you grew too quickly from the start and need ways to increase sales again after a slow month.

Wherever your business is on its journey, the tips above can help. For other tips to boost sales with, click here.

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