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9 Unique Marketing Ideas That Produce Extraordinary Results 2018

You’ll tend to find your marketing efforts work best when they’re unique. But if you don’t know of any unique marketing ideas, your marketing approach might feel like it’s lacking something.

If you are in this position, don’t worry.

Keep reading and you’ll learn 9 unique marketing ideas you can use right now. If you put these ideas into action, there’s no telling what might be possible for your brand.

Let’s begin!

1. Infographics

You’ve probably come across infographics at some point or another.

When done the right way, infographics can be a great way to bring your brand exposure. If you are in a ‘boring’ industry, infographics can work especially well. That is because there are generally fewer people using them.

2. Create a Competition

Competitions work extremely well in a world of social media. If you want your competitions to gain traction make sure you provide people with a great prize.

You should also make it fun for people to enter the competition. You might think about having people submit a certain kind of content, for example.

3. Video Ads

You might have come across video ads when browsing the internet. But there’s a good chance your competitors are not using video ads. That is because video ads are quite hard to create.

As a result, many people simply do not put in the time to create videos. If you put some time aside to create some video ads of your own, you might be able to do quite well with them.

4. Sponsoring Content

There are a lot of content creators out there. A lot of them aren’t making a lot of money, as a result of creating their content. You can help them out by sponsoring their content. If you are going to do this, find people with similar audiences to your own.

5. Create an App

Apps work exceptionally well as marketing tools. If you are going to take this route, make sure your app is fun to use. Consider making a game that includes some of your branding. Don’t try to sell anything within your app.

6. Host a Podcast

Podcasts are rising in popularity. You can use the growing trend of Podcasting to help push your brand out into the world. If you are going to host a Podcast, try to find guests your audience will want to hear from.

You may even want to ask them who you should have on the Podcast This will help you boost the number of listeners.

7. Give out Freebies

Giving out freebies at large events is another way you can market yourself. Consider handing out bottles of water with your own branding on them. You can hire companies to help you develop your custom bottle labels if you can’t create them yourself.

8. Purchase Car Advertising

There are certain companies that will allow you to advertise on cars. Your ability to succeed with this method will depend on the kind of product you sell. But it’s worth investing in if you want to generate some buzz.

9. Pay People to Wear T-Shirts with Your Brand

You can also pay people to wear t-shirts that have your branding on them. If you are going to go with this approach, make sure you pay people that will spend time with your target audience.

Full of Unique Marketing Ideas?

Marketing isn’t easy. But in this post, we’ve taken a look at some unique marketing ideas you can use to help you get results.

Whilst these ideas work well, you’ll find the best results if you can be truly creative. If you can do something nobody had done before, your results can often be amazing.

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