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5 Free Marketing Ideas For Your Electrical Business

You need to market your electrical business. However, you don’t have the money for it.

It’s a common problem faced by many small businesses, but you can’t let it keep you from spending your time on some free marketing ideas.

Thankfully, we’ve gathered a few ideas for you.

Keep reading to get 5 ideas that you can use to market your business without spending a dime.

1. Get Published

There are several reasons to get something published online, and marketing is just one of them. Having your name attached to an article or blog post that demonstrates your expertise in the electrical industry is a great way to show potential customers that you know your stuff.

The other reason getting published will help you grow your business is that it will provide links back to your website which can help improve your rankings. The higher you rank in searches, the more people will find your business when looking for an electrician.

2. Provide Advice

This is another free business marketing strategy that only requires your time. By providing advice in online forums and local Facebook groups, you will display your knowledge and improve your local reputation.

Be sure to focus on providing answers to relevant questions, and avoid only promoting your business as this is generally seen as negative. If someone asks specifically about services, that’s when you can offer them.

3. Donate Your Services

Whether it’s for a charity fundraising event or you offer to help a local non-profit, donating your electrical services can help your business in the long run. For one thing, you’ll be able to meet potential customers at the event and while working.

Additionally, these types of stories where a business steps in and helps out a non-profit or person in need are great human interest stories. A quick call to your local paper or TV news station can help you get some additional free advertising.

4. Give a Class

Do you have 10 tips on lowering your electric bill or a list of signs it’s time to call in an electrician? Then why not offer a free class to the community? You can advertise through local media and community centers and once you’ve taught people what you know, you may find yourself with some new business.

This is especially beneficial for companies who specialize in a certain niche of electrical work, such as Tess Electrical, with its focus on electrical work within the yacht industry. If you’re a thought leader in your field, people want to hear what you have to say and learn from it.

5. Get Referrals

There are two ways to get referrals from your current customers: ask them or create a referral program. The exact type of services that you provide may determine which is best for you.

If your services tend to be one-time visits, then you’ll want to ask for referrals. Ask the satisfied customer if they know anyone else that may be in need of your services, then give them a few of your business cards to hand out for you.

If you have ongoing relationships with your customers, then set up a referral program. Offer an incentive for every new customer they send your way, whether it’s 10% or $10 off their next service.

Want More Free Marketing Ideas?

None of these ideas float your boat? Then be sure to check out some of our other articles, including a list of 10 creative free marketing ideas. There’s sure to be something that will help you grow your electrical business without breaking the bank!

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